PMC Press Conference  4th June 2021- KEY POINT| Syllabus of National medical and dental council test NMDCAT 2021 

Syllabus is given at the end of post


Attention:  Important updates of MDCAT2021 by PMC
1. Expected Test Date: From 30th Aug to 30th Sep
    You may choose any of the date “earlier“ is better so you can be allocated to the nearest center) 
2. Registration starts at 5th June and closes at 15th July. * The selection of test center will commence after 15th July,* 
you will be provided the option to select any of the 3 dates of your choice for the test, PMC will finalize the your test date  
3. Test will be computerized 
4. Test will be conducted in ONLY 5 CITIES of PUNJAB
5. 3 difficulty levels of MCQ`s from Each Subject
6. Difficulty level in each subject Wil not exceed 20%
7. Syllabus is subjected to change every year
8. MDCAT Passing marks are to 65%, 
    (one cannot take admission in private medical college without scoring 65% marks both in MDCAT and FSC.
9. The difficulty level in each paper will be same to ensure justice as it is complete computerized system, no person   have the right to object the question and correct answers. 
10. Students will have an opportunity to appear in Practice exams prior to the actual test.
11. PMC will also provide video tutorial on its portal
12. International students will pay fee in US dollars ($)
13. Failing to apply for MDCAT, PMC will provide you opportunity to Re-apply 10-days after the test date, with 50% extra (late) fee.
14. Do not provide any kind of wrong information 
15. Note your Tracking Number (Roll no.) it will be required at the time of examination 
16. You can use a CNIC, NICOP, Passport or B-Form for registration 
17. Date and time of exams, will be allotted on first come first serve bases 
18. If no slot is available at the preferred city of the applicant, the person may seek a change of schedule to any other location, where a slot is available
19. You will be contacted through E-mail and Phone Number 15 days prior to date of exam (do mention the correct details Email and Phone Number)
20. One must reach test center before time, 
in case of late arrival you will not be allowed to appear in the exam (additional fee must be paid to re-appear in the exam)
21. Do take your identification documents like CNIC or B-Form along with you at the test center
22. The moment you logged into system by your registration number your test time starts 
23. you will see one question at a time on screen, one may start any subject portion and will have an option to skip to next question or move back to the previous one 
24. you can review and change your answers before the end time
25. once test is Submitted, no change will be allowed
26. Print your registration number (roll no slip) & take it with your examination center
27. Any kind of misconduct, talking or cheating will result in two years ban for appearance in MDCAT
28. No person is allowed to leave the examination canter until the end of exam 
29. Result will be provided via E-mail and also be available on PMC online portal 
30. No rechecking request is allowed 
31. One shall apply for a Medial Colleges on PMC website 
32. MDCAT in valid for two years
33. MCQs Details 
      Biology 68 MCQs – 32%
      Chem    56 MCQs – 26.5%
      Phy    56 MCQs – 26.5%
      English  20 MCQs – 10%
      Reasoning 10MCQs – 5% *
       Total time 3.5Hrs (210 Mins) (one minute for each question)
       Total Marks 210
       No Negative Marking



Kal se bht confusion chal rahi hai regarding PMC Syllabus….students panic ho rahy hain k un k sath na’insaafi ho gae hai, freshers to bht ziada pareshan hain…c

So First of All, Dekha jaye to syllabus mn ziada changes nhi hui last year wala he hai….bus logical reasoning wala portion additional hai 

 Pmc 2021 syllabus Summary ;: 

Biology.       68 MCQs
Chemistry.  56 MCQ
Physics.       56 MCQs
English.        20 MCQ
Logical Reason.10 Mcq

Total.      210 MCQs

 TIME Duration.  3.5 Hour

Excluded topics

●Kirchoff’s Rule
●Wave particle duality

●Protists and fungi
●Diversity among plants
●Chromosomes and DNA
●Dominance relations

●Dipole dipole forces
●Industrial Applications of Le- chattliers principle
●Born Haber’s cycle

Here is basic detail of your test and syllbus so far

 BIOLOGY most important role play kry gi mdcat mn Acha score kerny k liye….. Sub ko pta hai k biology k liye cramming kitni important hai iss k sath sath conceptual study bhi kerni hai….aik cheez ka khayal rahy k biology k each topic ko thoroughly prepare kren, National Mdcat hai esa nhi ho sakta k ap just Ptb read ker len ya apny province ki textbook read kren aur Baad mn federal ya Alevel se koe qs aa gya to out of syllabus wala rona royen…..
Nooo❗Ap ne Biology ko bht achy se parhna hai apni textbook se, Ptb se, Federal se time mily to A level se bhi read kren wo topics jo high yield hn yani jahan se Achy waly conceptual mcqs ban sakty hon….bio mein apne knowledge pe grip hasil kerni hai Books bar bar parhen gy Federal waghera aik topic ko sub books se prep kren gy toh In sha Allah apki prep mn koe kami nhi rahy gi… Concepts bhi clear hoty jayen gy so Pareshan nhi hona, books ko ghol k pee jayen 

 CHEMISTRY iss mn koe addition nhi hui last year wala syllabus hai, Ap ki apni textbook he kafi rahy gi iss k liye + Ptb & Federal ko aik baar zaror read kren , reactions, mechanisms achi trah samajh len, organic se conceptual mcqs bny gy + inorganic & Physical chemistry toh ratta he hai bht easy mcqs ayen gy knowledge based…Book lines he hon gi ziada mushkil paper nhi hoga, bar bar read kren, reactions ki practice krej link ker k parhen, orders/ trends yad rakhen, choti moti tricks learn kren, catalysts etc sub ana chahiye apko

 PHYSICS this is gonna be Halwa Portion ( according to me ) physics mn easy c calculations hon gi, ziada se ziada 5,6 mushkil mcqs hon gy…sub se acha tareeqa yeh hai k Ap aik bar Lec len, Book read kren example, short qs, numericals solve kren, then maximum practice kren, formulae yad ker len achy se

 ENGLISH ki prep k liye basic grammar ani chahiye, tenses, active passive, narration, Verb, Punctuation etc most likely apko basics qs mn test kia jaye ga aur vocabulary as such nhi di gae but paper mn ayegi general words hon gy fsc ki book se bhi aa sakty hn Last year ki vocab se bhi aa sakty hn

As logical reasoning has very low ratio in your test so don’t waste time over it 

200 / 210 krlyn pehly 
Jab tayar hojay apki books then practice those 

This is really helpful link

Kips Lecture on logical reasoning

 FRESHERS Panic na hon, Ap ne Fsc ki jitni tyari ker li Kafi hai, June July & August yeh months Mdcat prep k hn….Mdcat pe main focus kren Fsc ko kam time den Q k Ap k pas already enough time thA Fsc ki prep k liye…..Agar ab ap fsc k papers k chakar mn mdcat ko ignore kren gy toh Admission hona mushkil hai…Apna Schedule manage kren Fsc ko bhi time den aur Mdcat ki tyari bhi pory zor se kren 

 REPEATERS/IMPROVERS this is golden oppprtunity for u…..Freshers ki nisbat apko chezon ka ziada achy se pata hai, ap log Mdcat pr jaan laga den, jo mistakes last year ki unhn repeat na kren, Each & every aspect se prep kren , koe point miss na kren…

 ACADEMIES join kren ya nhi, yeh apki marzi hai…Kips, star, steps ka last session ka sara data available hai, Iss session ka bhi upload ho jaye ga Saeedmdcat ki website pe, For Practice stuff you can join our Telegram channel, wohi student qualify kry ga jis ji SELF STUDY strong hogi Q k dekhen Apko Maximum knowledge chahiye Federal waghera sub parhna hoga bar bar revise kerna hoga so Academies ka aik drawback yeh hai k self study k liye kam time milta hai 

HOME _ Baqi ap ghar pe bhi achi tyari ker sakty hn syllabus ap k samny hai aik schedule bna len, ussy follow kren, chap prep kren, tests solve ker len practice books solve kren apni prep analyse kren, Nums/Aku k past papers zaror solve kren

 Last But Not Least social media ka misuse na kren, apna time irrelevant chezon mn zaya na kren For Example students unnecessary groups join ker lety hn, just updates waghera k liye, Proper direction mn struggle nhi kerty, Fazool mcqs poch rahy hoty jo Mdcat level k nhi hoty, Bashing ker rahy hoty Pmc ko kos rahy hoty, repeaters Admission na hony ka rona ro rahy hoty, freahers yeh soch k depress hoty k ab toh syllabus he change ho gya, Hum kesy kren gy, criteria change kren, twitter trends , etc Please Avoid All this stuff….Nuqsaan aap ka he hoga, Jo student Aj se in sub chezon ko side pe rakh k Sirf Aur Sirf Apni prep pr focus kry ga, Mehnat kry ga wohi kamyab hoga….Baqi jo criteria etc hoga Pmc announce ker degi….Stay Calm🌻

Apny hissy ka kaam kren baqi Allah pe chor den….apni traf se best den tah k Kal apko yeh regret na ho k apka admission sirf iss waja se nhi hua k ap ne khud ko ghair zaroori chezon mn involve kia r parh nhi saky….

Agar kisi ko koe pareshani ho, guidance/help chahiye ho to Fb group mn pochen admins ko tag ker den

Link of Fb group👇 
SAEED MDCAT FB Group | Facebook