Urdu Essay is of crucial importance. If you are medical student, it can change your merit. So, prepare them very well.

Here is urdu essay according to ALP. 
URDU ESSSAY acccording to smart syllabus

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General Outlook:-
Urdu is an easy subject when your goal is 70-80 marks but scoring 90+ marks in both parts is nearly impossible. But the good news is that I (zeshan baloch) have got them(90+92) and I will comprehensively tell you HOW. In Urdu, writing and presentation both matter; good handwriting doesn’t mean good presentation. Presentation is something else that I will describe later. I am also showing you my presentation and you need to see how I focused and worked on even very small things like when you are writing “Iktabas Ki Tashreeh”, you write ‘ Musannif ka Naam’ ‘Sabaq ka Naam’ ‘Sinaf’ ‘Makhaz’; you put colons against each of the words and I used to draw all these colons in a parallel line with marker and these little things create a big difference I bet. I will tell about each question one by one and my words are not final and perfect, you can even try something more than what I suggest and may be you could perform way better than I did. The key point for urdu is ‘presentation’. There is a YouTube channel named CMM lectures which has some really great lectures of Intermediate Urdu.
5 MCQs from the text. Same method will be applied as is told for first year.
15 MCQs from grammar portion which includes ‘Mutaabqat’, ‘Ramooz e Aukaaf’ ‘Imdaadi Afaazl’. You will prepare them either from notes of your teacher or from your key book. Past papers are must. Extra exercises on your key book would also help.
For Tashreeh, Sabaq ka Khulaasa, Nazam ka Khulaasa, apply the same techniques which are written in the following post I made about first year: #
Most of the students find difficulties with Mazmoon Naweesi. 8 page length would be enough. I wrote 7.5 pages and got 18/20. Quantity matters along with quality. If you have no quality, only quantity will do no advantage. Make outlines of every essay prior to paper and memorize them, so in the paper, you will already have enough material to write. There are three parts of a Mazmoon: Ibtadaiya, Nafs e Mazmoon, Ikhtatamiya. Collect suitable references, quotes, Ashaar, Ahaades, Ayaat e Kareema to write in an essay. Some people just write Hawaaly k Ashaar and nothing else. But if you put ‘Nasri Hawaly’ as well, it would look more nice. You can even write references from other language, even from English; but you will have to write translation as well. Highlight important things. Use of markers would be must. Don’t skip lines as it would not look out standing in the end. Write this question at the end, so if you have time, you can extend its length as well.
Khatt/Aap Beeti:-
Khatt or Aap Beeti, they will only give you one and no alternate. Usually letter is there in the paper. The length should not exceed 2 pages. Structure should be perfect and should be written with markers. There is no much need to cram the body of Khatt. You can put suitable references as well.
Aap beeti should be around 2-3 pages. Prepare them as well but it is relatively easy. There are some Hawaaly k Ashaar which are common to every Aap Beeti; memorize them and you can write them in any Aap Beeti given.